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ON-Site Training

Today's smart companies know that ongoing employee training is the best way to get important bottom-line results. Increased sales, improved productivity, bettercustomer relations—whatever results your organization needs, proGamma Science can deliver with high-quality, high-impact on-site training or At your request Event of one day,two or one week training..

What is on-site training?

Simply put, proGamma Science on-site training or at your request events ,is the perfect solution for training 6 to 8 employees or launching a company-wide training effort that can be as large as 200 employees.. It's affordable, your people won't have to leave the office; it's customizable, design it to fit the objectives important to you; it's completely hassle-free and it produces immediate and measurable results. Better yet, it's the same quality training thousands of proGamma Science seminar participants choose each year for their career-boosting professional skills.

Consider on-site training if:
-You need to train several people at once minimum 6 people
-You need training focused on a specific issues unique to your organization
-You're looking for an alternative to sending employees off-site, incurring expensive travel and lodging costs

Need a course customized to your specific needs?

proGamma Science develops many customized courses each year for our clients. You get targeted training that really works for you. On-site training is affordable. We know you care about the bottom line and so do we. Our workshops are simply the best investment you can make today in your employees and your business.

And remember, it's hassle-free. We take all the guesswork and worrying about details out of the equation. You let us know what training your group needs, where you'd like the training to be presented at our office executive room or your on-site conference room or even a hotel conference room and the date you would like the training to start.. We handle everything else. Our on-site representatives are uniquely qualified to help you decide whether on-site training makes sense for your organization.

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