On -the- Job Training :


To comply with FDA , TPD we offer you the following courses ; these courses provide complete training covering all the requirements in section :

21 CFR-211.25 for the FDA requirement or C.02.006 for TPD requirements . Courses are offered either as an on-site presentations by a proGamma consultant or as proGamma training courses offered periodically or internet organized courses,evaluation tests are available to qualify candidates knowledge and understanding of the subject.


How these courses were prepared and why :

These courses were prepared after 20 years of teaching on-site courses for the pharmaceutical industry. The courses are prepared mainly to assist managers provide the best possible training to their employees which we believe to be the most valuable asset of any company.


Training Courses Available :

current Good Manufacturing Practice

Modern HPLC

Modern GC

Modern Sample Preparation

Pharmaceutical Technology and compliance courses are available:

Pharmaceutical Process Validation

GMP for Nonsterile Manufacturing

GMP for Sterile Manufacturing

Modern Tablet Manufacturing

Modern Sterile Manufacturing

Modern Pharmaceutical Packaging

Modern Analytical Laboratory Management






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