Short Courses



  • 1201SC*** A Risk Based Approach to Computer Systems Validation

  • 1202SC*** Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • 1203SC*** Stability Testing in Pharmaceutical Development: Methodologies, Regulations, and Best Practices

  • 1204SC*** Effective Auditing/Inspection Process for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

  • 1205SC***Critical cGMP and ICH Regulations for Pharmaceutical Laboratories

  • 1206SC*** Successful OOS/OOT Investigations for Analytical Testing

  • 1207SC*** Analytical Method Transfer of Pharmaceutical Products

  • 1208SC*** Development of Validated HPLC Method

  • 1209SC*** Risk Based Qualification & Validation of Laboratory Instruments and Systems

  • 1210SC*** Risk-Based Development and Validation of Analytical Methods with a QbD Approach





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